At the first meeting of SANCID following each triennial international congress of ICID, SANCID shall elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer from its members.

No person shall serve as Chairman of SANCID for more than six consecutive years.

No person shall serve as Vice-Chairman for more than six consecutive years.

Should any matter require to be voted upon, a simple majority shall suffice to approve the motion. In the event that equal numbers vote for and against the motion, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Notice of proposed amendments to this constitution shall be given six weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment/s are to be discussed. After such meeting of SANCID, the proposed changes shall be mailed to all the members of SANCID in the form agreed upon at the meeting, to allow a postal vote on the proposed amendment/so Two thirds- of the members voting shall be in favour of the amendment/s for it to come into force.

Meetings of SANCID shall be called at the discretion of the Chairman or on the written requests of at least three members of SANCID, but there shall be at least two meetings per calender year, one of which shall be the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of April each year.

The Annual General Meeting shall receive and review reports by the Chairman and the Secretary, and shall consider resolutions pertaining to any changes in programmes, policy and organisation of SANCID.

A quorum at all meetings of SANCID shall comprise at least half the membership of SANCID.